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Elara Caring

Elara Caring is one of the nation’s largest providers of home-based care, with a footprint in the Northeast, Midwest and South. Elara provides the highest-quality comprehensive care continuum of personal care, skilled home health, hospice care and behavioral health.

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Elara Caring website design

Elara Caring needed a new website that would help them communicate their unique niche’ in the home healthcare industry. Serving 60,000 patients on a daily basis, the website was designed and built to show the individualized care that makes Elara different.

02 Event Support

In February of 2020 Elara brought together their entire 400-person sales team to a conference in Dallas. Peak provided all creative assets for the conference including invites, name tags, branded décor, presentation materials, and the audio-visual support services.

Elara Caring event
Elara Caring banner ups
Elara Caring event

We also produced a two-minute highlight video of the National Sales Conference that was shared with the Elara Caring board of directors.

03 Virtual Town Hall

Elara Caring, a national home healthcare provider, was looking for a pandemic-safe way to hold an employee meeting where senior leadership could update their 30,000 employees on the state of the company. While they had used pre-recorded videos in the past, the Elara team was looking for something that felt less canned. Peak created a virtual Town Hall meeting, that connected the company’s leadership team – two in Denver, one in Dallas, and one in Atlanta – with their employees via a live webcast.

Each member of the leadership team was able to present their material to the viewers and all four senior team members took turns answering questions that came in live from the audience.

The show was a big hit with employees and gave the leadership team a chance to connect with everyone in a professional and yet personal way.

Elara Caring virtual town hall event
Elara Caring virtual town hall event