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CBCA advances Colorado’s creative economy by connecting business and the arts through year-round advocacy, research, training and arts engagement efforts.

01 Brand Expansion

CBCA already had a fantastic brand that was established by Ligature Creative. When they engaged with the team at Peak for brand work, they wanted to clarify what they actually do and to rein in the secondary child brands to have a uniform approach.

We created a stylized tagline that would work as a pattern (which reads/repeats both vertically or horizontally) and would complement the graphic mark when alongside each other.

From there, we modified the child brands to be more uniform, and developed a clear hierarchy when all components are on a single piece.

CBCA: Arts for Business Business for Arts tagline
CBCA brand tagline
CBCA circle logo
CBCA: Live Lunch Lounge

02 Annual Reports

CBCA’s visual identity is built on a core of vibrant/energetic colors, basic geometric shapes, and abundant white space. At Peak, we wanted to make sure those elements created dynamic compositions that felt collaborative and creative — showcasing events and performances in black and white or monotone photography.

CBCA 2018 Annual Report
CBCA 2018 Annual Report
CBCA 2018 Annual Report
CBCA 2017 Annual Report
CBCA 2017 Annual Report

03 Print Collateral

CBCA print collateral: brochure and pocket folder
CBCA business cards