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Butterfly Pavilion

Butterfly Pavilion exists to foster an appreciation of invertebrates by educating the public about the need to protect and care for threatened habitats while conducting research for solutions in invertebrate conservation.

01 Emerge Brand Development

The Butterfly Pavilion needed a campaign to begin the process of raising funds for their new home. After developing the campaign theme, “Emerge,” we created a logo and brand that embody the excitement of bringing the New Butterfly Pavilion to life. A dynamic, colorful background texture paired with invertebrate silhouettes that glide and hover in and out of the frame sets the tone for layouts full of discovery. The colors and typefaces used pair existing Butterfly Pavilion brand elements with new additions, creating a sophisticated but grounded look.

02 Emerge Campaign Booklet

We created a show-stopping printed booklet for the Butterfly Pavilion to share with potential partners; vellum overlays that help tell the story of new experiences and discoveries, close up photography of amazing invertebrates, and gorgeous renderings splashed across multiple pages.